Brian Callaghan

Brian John Callaghan is Ross's younger brother.  

Brian was born on December 4th, 1948, at Narrow Neck, Auckland. He attended Takapuna Primary School, Belmont Intermediate School and St Kentigern College. His school number at St Kents was 1093.

After leaving school he qualified as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and established a new business, Callaghan Laboratories, that tested wine.  Later he worked for Corban's wines as a wine tester but then moved on to establish Lifetech Laboratories, specialising in the tissue culture of many plant varieties. Brian then moved on to become a quality auditor with his work taking him all around the world.

In his youth Brian was very good at rugby and athletics. Later he took up golf and got down to a single figure handicap.  Unfortunately he had significant problems with his back and knees and this has hindered his golfing abilities.


In 1972 Brian married Margaret Gatman, and they had four children: Stephanie, Natalie, Andrew, and James (Jamie).  The family lived on the North Shore close to Jack and Madge Callaghan's and then moved to Te Maru, a small farm near Silverdale, north of Auckland. Margaret left for Australia in 1991 leaving Brian to bring up the children.

In 1996 I (Ross) had the pleasure of officiating when Brian married Julie in an outdoor ceremony. Julie is a dental technician, and has been wonderful in relating to Brian's children, and grandchildren.  Brian and Julie now live on Auckland's North Shore.


                   Julie and Brian 2006


Brian with his four children: Jamie, Natalie, Stephanie and Andrew.

  • Stephanie is a midwife. Her first child, Taylor, was the pride and joy of Grandma (Madge Callaghan - Ross and Brian's mother) in the final years of her life.  Grandma would be so proud to see how Taylor has grown and developed!  Stephanie is married to Michael Armstrong, a doctor.  They have three children Isabella-Grace, Natalia-Rose and Liberty Summer Pearl. 
Back: Stephanie, Michael, Taylor
Front: Libbie, Bella and Talia  2016
  • Natalie originally worked in business management. She is married to Shane Wijohn and they have three children Tyson, Levi and Tiana. Shayla, Shane's daughter also lives with them.  Shane and Natalie run a security firm on Auckland's North Shore and Natalie works for City Impact Church.
   Back: Shayla, Tyson
Front: Shane, Levi, Tiana and Natalie.   2016


Stephanie and Natalie both live on the North Shore, close to Brian and Julie.

  • Andrew is a builder and surfer.  He manages to organise his life so that he has time for both activities! Andrew and his partner, Jenni live on the West Coast near Auckland with daughter Abby.

  • Jamie is an IT specialist.  He is married to Carrie and they live on the North Shore. They have a baby daughter Eva.

Brian (Da) has an amazing collection of frogs in all shapes, sizes, media and styles.  (Sometimes he is called Mr Frog!).  The frog collecting came about because our father used frogs in the early days of Biological Laboratories for pregnancy testing. 

                  Brian and Ross with Grandma in 1996 and in 2001

With Auntie Norma, 2007

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