Ross and Kathy Callaghan have been married for 44 years, and now live in Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand.

See Our story for details of our lives right up to the present day. 

We have three children, Debbie, Sarah, and Philip, and seven grand-children. 


Our three children: Sarah Stevens, Phil Callaghan and Debbie Cunningham with Kathy and Ross. 2015.

was Head of Sports at Queen Margaret College, then gained her B.Sc at Victoria University, and later a M.Phil in Emergency Management through Massey University.  Debbie won a scholarship to the University of Idaho in 1996 which was a life-changing experience for her.  She also represented NZ at Gaelic Football!  She went out with Fraser Cunningham for many years, and they got married in 1999 at Lower Hutt Baptist Church.  Debbie and Fraser have lived in Melbourne since 2005.  Debbie and Fraser have four children: JJ (Joel James) Cunningham was born on the 22nd May 2006.  JJ is intelligent, has lots of energy and is a great singer. Heidi Joy Cunningham was born on the 23rd of August 2008.  Heidi is very flexible, and loves her calisthenics.  Luke Lewis Cunningham was born on the 14th August 2010 and is very cute and caring! Dan Caleb was born on the 29th August 2012 and is very bright with a most endearing personality.

Debbie was an emergency management consultant and is now studying to become a speech pathologist. Fraser is a manager in BP's marine division.


The Cunninghams in April 2011


Debbie and Fraser with Dan, Luke, Heidi and JJ. April 2015.


Sarah and Michael

Sarah and Michael Stevens were married in 2003, at Lower Hutt Baptist Church. They now live in Harbourview in Lower Hutt. Sarah and Michael's first baby, Blake Laurence Stevens, was born in March 2010. (We had finished redecorating Sarah and Michael's house just before Blake was born). Isla Grace Stevens was born in April 2013, coming into the world quickly and easily. Blake was rapt to have a new sister, (and Granna and Poppa to have a sixth grand-child)! Blake and Isla are lovely children and now both attend Belmont School where their mother teaches.

Sarah was Head of House at Chilton St James School and was particularly good at music, singing in the school choir. Her barbershop quartet, Cutting Edge, won the NZ Secondary Schools competition. Sarah graduated from Wellington Teachers College with a B.Teaching and was a teacher of new entrants at Paekakariki and Dyer Street School in Lower Hutt. Kathy and Sarah used to sing together in the Faultline Chorus. Sarah now teaches part-time at Belmont School and Michael is a website designer and computer consultant. Michael and Sarah are doing major alterations to their house in Lower Hutt. 




Blake, Sarah, Isla and Michael. End of 2013.

Blake, Michael, Isla and Sarah. End of 2014.

Phil now lives in Melbourne. Phil was Head of School at Hutt International Boy's School.  He has amazing abilities at playing music and being funny!!  He's also got interested in golf (but still can't beat his father!).  Phil went twice to the United States as a camp counsellor.  The second time there he met Sarah V, from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Phil and Sarah were married in 2003 in Nova Scotia and moved to live in Wellington.  There Phil worked as the supervisor of the Discovery Centre at Te Papa, our national museum and then set up a new business, creating badges and T shirts with a shop in downtown Wellington. Sarah was a massage therapist and has a B.Sc from Victoria University.  In 2013 Phil sold the NZ business and set up in Australia. Sarah now lives back in Nova Scotia.

Sarah and Phil, 2013. 

Phil works as a host at the Melbourne Science Museum, which is where he met his new partner Simone Landau. (Mo).

Phil and Mo now run the ManateesOZ business selling customised T shirts and hoodies at conventions and shows.

Phil is a great cricketer and runs Last man Standing T20 cricket for Melbourne. 

Phil and Mo 2017

Phil and Mo's baby daughter Billie Alice Callaghan was born on the 14th of October. Billie is gorgeous! She is very placid and her parents adore her!


Click here for information about our parents Jack and Madge Callaghan, and Eric and Joyce Andersen and our Grandparents.

Our family: Christmas 2007 

 Back row:  Michael and Sarah, Debbie and Fraser, Phil and Sarah

Front row: Ross, Auntie Norma, Kathy and JJ.


Our family: Christmas 2008

Sarah and Phil; Fraser and Debbie; Heidi; Kathy; Mike and Sarah; JJ; Ross

Our family: Christmas 2009

Back: Sarah, Phil, Michael  Front: Kathy, Sarah, Ross

Debbie's family was not with us this year.

Our family April 2010

 Back Fraser and Debbie with Heidi and JJ; Ross and Kathy; Sarah and Michael with Blake

Front:  Phil and Sarah

Our family 2012



                                                     Our family in 2015


               Phil, Debbie, Dan, Ross, Heidi, Blake, Kathy, Michael, JJ (front), Sarah, Isla, Luke, Fraser


Our family Christmas 2017 (Phil and Mo were in Australia).

Tape recordings and videos

As Debbie, Sarah and Philip were growing up we made tape recordings of important events in their lives.

The recordings started on the day they were born. You can listen to these recordings by clicking on the links below and then clicking on 'Download' on the page that opens up.

Debbie's tape

Sarah's tape

Phil's tape


We have made quite a few videos (including some of our travels videos) and put them on YouTube. Check out these videos here calros3

Annual newsletters

Check out our 2017 newsletter by clicking here: 2017 newsletter  It describes what we were up to in 2017.

We have archived all of our past family newsletters here.  They go back to 1983!!

Callaghan family archives


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