Over the years we have been involved in lots of different areas of Christian ministry: children's work, evangelism, home group leadership, camps, eldership, pastoring, preaching, teaching, training, worship leading, mentoring .....  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the Lord in these ways.


Girls' Brigade New Zealand  

Ross was the National Chaplain for Girls' Brigade between 1996 and 2000; served as a consultant to National Executive and helped out with planning, training, video making, Queen's Award assessment etc.  He developed a major leadership training programme for Girls' Brigade called 'Awesome Leadership', and occasionally ran weekend training workshops on mentoring for Girls' Brigade leaders. 



Ross runs training workshops on a range of aspects of Christian life and ministry.  These include: preaching, small group leadership, worship leading, mentoring, children's ministry, dating and preparing for Christian marriage, communication, Bible study, equipping of others, ....

The workshops are all Bible-based, practical and focus on skill development.

Bible Studies

Ross is currently updating many of his old Bible Studies and putting them on his web site.  He has also prepared a straight-forward introduction to each of the books in the Bible. A big project!  There are also training programmes and a few radio programmes.

You can download these studies from the Bible Studies section of Ross's website.  The Bible Studies are all in pdf format and are freely available for you to use. 

Many of Ross's messages are also available through Inspirational Media http://www.inspirational.org.nz

Lower Hutt City Church of Christ

We completed our ministry at Lower Hutt City Church of Christ early in 2007.  We ministered there in 2005 and 2006 as a gift to the Church.  Ross preached most Sundays and Kathy was involved with the women's ministries and with the old folks.

Gateway Christian Fellowship

We recently completed 5 years of leadership at Gateway Christian Fellowship on the Kapiti Coast.  Ross has set up a website for the Church: http://gatewaychristianfellowship.yolasite.com  so you can check out our involvements on this website. 

Ross was an elder of the Church and Kathy a member of the leadership team. Ross preached regularly; we led a home group and we put on lots of social activities in our home for the elderly people of the Fellowship. Gateway closed down in July 2015, after 11.5 years of fruitful ministry. We continue to support many of those who were part of the church with regular meetings in our home.

Community ministry

Our ministry to elderly people has broadened over the years that we have been living in the Kapiti area. We started by being part of a team doing voluntary work at Sevenoaks Retirement Village where we visited residents in the dementia unit, and led sing-alongs and church services. We are now doing more and more of this kind of ministry in the wider Kapiti area, especially leading singalongs, showing our travel movies, and leading 'soirees'.

See Entertain Kapiti.


For a much more detailed account of our ministry involvements please check out the Ministry section of Ross's website at http://rosscallaghan.yolasite.com/ministry.php

There is a also a reflection there on what makes for effectiveness in Christian ministry.


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