The Andersen family

Eric and Joyce Andersen had six children: 


    1954 (before Kathy was born)        1956 Kathy held by Santa                    Karen, John and Kathy


2002 at 57 Paul Crescent, Fairfield,Hamilton



Mike, Kathy, Karen, John

Sue, Patsy

Patsy Burton

Patsy is married to Peter Burton, and lives in Waihi.  Peter and Patsy have four children:  Gabrielle, Matthew, Donovan and Rene.

Sue Andersen

Sue has 2 children, Scott and Katie.  She lives in Hamilton.  She has had many foster children over the years.  She has permanent guardianship of two boys, Morgan and Mitchell. Katie has twins.

Mike Andersen

Mike has never married. He lives alone and has worked for over 40 years at Huttons (now Mainland) meat factory. 

Karen Dawson

Karen is married to Rex Dawson.  They have 3 children, Mandy, Simon and Bobbie.  Unfortunately Simon died in 1986 of Leukemia aged 10.

Click here to listen to an interview we made with Simon while he was on holiday with us in Wellington in 1985.

John Andersen

John was married to Helen, who passed away in 2013.   They had 2 children, Jason and Erica.  Jason has a partner Amy and they have 2 children, Sophie and Jake.

and, of course, Kathy!

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